The Eaton Volleyball Academy is dedicated to providing a level of technical and physical training that will allow athletes to reach their full potential within the game of volleyball. EVA will strive to aide in development of every athlete, regardless of age or ability to achieve personal growth. Opportunities to develop a very solid base of technical and fundamental skill will be offered for athletes new and curious about the game. As knowledge and skill within the game develops we will provide a path for athletes to continue to be challenged and grow as an athlete, ensuring we provide a level of training to which our athletes can achieve greatness.


The Eaton Volleyball Academy will provide an environment in which young female athletes have the ability to acquire, refine, and demonstrate skills that will greatly benfit them through the course of their lives. Ongoing personal character development will occur with a focus on mutual respect, passion, commitment and sportsmanship. Our athletes will learn that time is finite, and priorities must be set. She may sacrifice experiences enjoyed by her peers. She will manage an athletic schedule, fulfill academic and extracurricular demands, and participate in family, church and community activities and responsibilities. She will also attend to personal needs, nurturing healthy relationships. The development of time management, setting priorities, and balancing a healthy physical and mental state are early steps to becoming selfless, confident leaders.